Wooden TV Stands

The TV stand is pretty much the central piece of the entire house, you will inevitably be looking at it a lot, and it needs to be durable.

Investing time, money, and energy in getting good wooden TV stands are going to be crucial for the general aesthetic look and feel of the entire home.

One of the most obvious benefits of the wood is the fact that can be matched to other furniture in the house, the doors, the couch stand, the cupboards, and the frames, so getting a nice wood TV wood stand plays an important role.

And, is making your home look and feel comfortable and aesthetic.

You can search anywhere in the world, even the richest people in the world have a lot of wood pieces in their homes.

The existence of wood in the home is absolutely necessary, it adds details and depth to the home, it makes your house feel more comfortable and cozier.

In addition to that, having a TV stand made out of wood, makes you have the option of matching the layout with the entire house planning, if your home decoration is more to the minimalistic design, wood will definitely work.

There are a lot of woodcuts you can choose that do not have a lot of design and printing on them, if have a lot of paintings and photographs, you can match the wood of the frame to that of the TV stand which gives in more depth.

It is the simple little details that not a lot of people notice, but when they do, it strikes up conversations and makes you look more particular and artsier than the average homeowner.

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Differences Between The TV Stand Solid Wood or The One Manufactured With Chipboard

There are many differences between real solid wood and the one manufactured with chipboard.

The first one is that solid wood just looks better than chipboard, it is natural, it lasts longer than chipboard, it has a grain, and it has a nice feel to it.

One great thing about getting real solid wood TV stands is that real wood ages well, as time passes.

The wood gets smoother and more refined, as opposed to fake chipboard wood that does not age very well, as a matter of fact, some of the manufactured ones last even as little as 4 months, they start to form a dent and they start to bend slowly with time.

You also cannot truly rely on the chipboard, the chipboard manufactured wood might collapse at a certain accident, you might have some people over and a small trip can snap the boards in half.

But real wood stands strong with time. One thing to be noted about solid wood TV stands is the fact that it is a classical aesthetic piece for every home.

Regardless of the layers you already have in your home, real solid wood is a timeless piece. It is also natural, which means you won’t be getting any more chemicals from the factory, and the wood has a character in your home.

The only downside to real wood is the fact that it is sensitive to scratches, heavy when carrying around, and it generally costs a bit more than veneer wood.

What is a Reclaimed Wooden TV Stand?

Reclaimed wood It is basically reusing an old piece of furniture.
Though it may seem a bit cheap at first, the biggest reason why reclaimed wood is so important is the fact that it is eco-friendly.

Unfortunately, the downside of having to get a real solid wood TV stand is the fact that the wood is going to be cut from a tree, given the fact that we are experiencing a shortage in the trees we have in the world, and we do not want to be wasting anymore at this stage.

The best thing about reclaimed wooden TV stands is the fact that they are eco friendly, it is also going to be much cheaper, and it looks way better than new wood.

The solid wood TV stand is going to be a piece you could tell stories about, especially if your home looks very neat, if the TV stand is that different, people are going to be asking you questions about the piece, its history and maybe even want to take a picture with it if it looks antique.

In the reclaimed TV wooden stand, you might even get to have some exotic woods that are generations old, as they thicken up from the winter bulking season and the summer drying season, the wood gains a classic timeless original look that you cannot find elsewhere.

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Advantages of Having a Corner TV Stand Made of Wood

The most obvious and best reason why you would be getting a corner TV stand made out of wood is that you will not only be using it to get more space in your house and living room.

It optimizes your TV stand look, gives you way more storage than might be needed, and gives you an opportunity to experiment with layering out the woods you have in the furniture.

More importantly, it can give you easier reachability around your home, and possibly even hide the wires that are coming out of the TV stand.

A big problem people face is the fact that the wires coming out of the TV stand destroys the original look, it makes it look made up and not original, that is why people try their hardest to hide their cables.

But with this option of TV stands made out of wood, you can just leave the wires and be and you do not have to worry about your aesthetic design getting distorted.

A Dark Wood TV Stand is Better Than a Light Wood One?

Getting a wooden TV stand is great, but what about the shade of the wood.

This is going to depend on your situation, if the entire living room has a musky, chill, relaxed and classical vibe about it, then dark wood TV stands are going to work best for you, but if the room is very well lit all day.

There is a lot of paintings that have a lot of well-lit colors, light floors, light walls, and light furniture, then getting a light wood TV stand is going to be the best option since the dark wood is going to be the odd one out.

In addition to that, dark wood is typically needed when the room is very large, the dark wood and dark furniture give a feeling of closeness and coziness in the house.

The option of getting a dark wood vs. a light wood TV stand is going to be dependent on your own case.

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