Best Tv Stand With Mount

If you are reading this article you must be looking for the best TV stand with mount. If that’s so then you are exactly in the right place. We know how annoying it can be when organizing your setup and placing your TV.

Let’s say you go to the market and look for a good TV stand but you came back home feeling exhausted. There were so many of them that left you confused about which one to select. Well if that’s the case then rest assured.

The Best Tv Stand With Mount GRAN

My team and I have already done in-depth research on this issue and we would love to help you out.

After an in-depth analysis, we were able to shortlist a few of them for you. Our goal is to save your time and help you select the best TV stands with mount. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of our recommended tv stands.

1- VIVO Black TV Stand With Mount And Shelf

The first one on our list of recommendations is the Vivo Black Tv wall mount. There are a few things that make the mount stand out from the crowd. The first and most important thing is the overall durability of the mount.

Of course, no one would want their tv to fall down and shatter into pieces. This tv stand provides awesome support with the help of its ultra-sturdy structure. In addition to this, it comes with a durable shelf that allows you to place your set-top box or a DVD player (if you have one).

This can be quite helpful as it saves space and adds beauty to the room. Who wouldn’t want to live in a well-organized place? Moreover, if you are worried about the size of your tv then don’t worry.

Vivo has got you covered with their fantastic TV stand as it can support a wide range of sizes. The stand can hold TVs ranging from 23 all the way up to 55 inches. This is quite a big range that the stand covers and normally you won’t find it on other mounts.

When it comes to tilting, the stand will shock you with its awesome performance. You can tilt it sideways all the way up to 20 degrees.

That’s a lot of margins especially when you want to change the direction of your TV to your comfortable position.

At the same time, the stand offers a built-in cable organizer that provides better cable management.


  • Powerful and durable construction
  • Can support a wide range of screens
  • superb quality finishing
  • comes with better cable management


  • Tilting could be better (angle wise)

2- Ameriwood Home 65 Inch TV Stand with Mount

Ameriwood is another top-quality TV stand if you are looking for one. If you are fond of classy furniture then this can be a perfect fit for you. It features decent quality construction that looks beautiful anywhere you place it.

At the same time, the stand is quite durable which makes it reliable for years of use. As it consists of wood, it means you don’t have to worry about rust and similar issues. The stand possesses enough space to hold your TV and other stuff without any problem.

Whether it is your books or some other devices or let it be your decor you won’t have any issue. For gamers, it is more than a blessing as the two cabinets allow you to place your games, and console freely.

There are a few shortcomings but don’t worry these aren’t too critical. The first one is that the stand needs at least two people during its assembly. This makes it quite harder especially when you don’t have a helper.

You don’t have to worry about the weight of your TV that much as the stand can easily carry up to 105lbs of weight. Oh! we almost forgot to tell you about the cleaning and maintenance of the stand.

We highly recommend cleaning it with a soft cloth and some basic cleaners. It would be best if you avoid using abrasive chemicals.


  • Very durable construction
  • Standalone TV stand
  • Enough room for gaming consoles etc
  • Looks perfect anywhere you place it


  • The assembly could be a bit better
  • Non adjustable shelves

3- MOUNTUP TV Stand With Swivel Mount

If you prefer more all-based TV mounts then don’t worry we have another perfect option for you. The Mount store presents one of the most elegant designs when it comes to TV stands.

The mount comes with an extremely durable structure that is reliable and seems to be quite long lasting.

It can easily fit on any wall and stays intact no matter what happens. You can mount TVs of different sizes whether you have 26 inches or a 55 inches LED, LCD, or OLED display. This is quite an interesting feature as some mounts are specific to a few sizes only.

However, this one seems to be quite universal. In addition to this, the stand features multiple viewing angles which makes it one of the best tvs stands with a mount. With these tilt angles, you can easily set your screen to anywhere you want.

The stand provides 5 degrees of tilting in the positive direction and 15 degrees in the negative direction. In addition to this, you will get a full 180 swivel option which, in our opinion, is quite fantastic.

Apart from that, we’ve already talked about the structure of the stand. Moreover, the installation is one thing that makes a lot of people worried. Though this stand comes with a pretty straightforward installation though.

You don’t need to locate multiple wall studs for mounting this beast on the wall. You can do the job by locating a single stud on the wall and live your life happily.


  • Sturdy and long lasting construction
  • Very easy to install
  • Better swivel and tilting options
  • Compatible with a wide range of TVs


  • Slightly off-centered when flat

4- 5Rcom Corner TV Stand With Mount

Another top notch stand that you can consider when looking for the best tv stand with mount is the 5Rcom. It proves to be quite amazing due to its so many amazing features. The first thing that you would want to know about this stand is its durability.

Well if that is what you are concerned about then rest assured. This stand comes with a high-quality structure that will hold your TV firmly without any issue. Moreover, it can work as a standalone furniture piece which makes it quite amazing.

You can keep it anywhere you want whether it be your bedroom, living room, home office, or your gaming room. Another best thing about this TV stand is that it can handle different sizes and styles of TVs.

No matter if you have a curved or a flat, a 37 inch or a 70-inch display, it will hold it like a champ. Apart from that, the stand features quite a minimal design which looks pretty decent. Now, this may not ring the bell for those who are looking for gaming-specific stands.

It also provides different viewing angles with the help of its built-in swivel feature. This makes them stand quite different from the rest of the available options. Plus it isn’t wood so you don’t have to worry about the polishing and other issues.

It is a glass based TV stand that comes with different cabinet-like compartments. Apart from that, the back of the stand provides better cable management. You don’t need to spread your wires across the room like giant spider webs now.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Comes with a great swivel feature
  • A better solution for wire management
  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Looks great in all places


  • As such no drawbacks were found

5- 5Rcom 55 Inch TV Stand With Mount

Last but not least we have the 5Rcom wood entertainment stand for your TV. The stand features a lot of qualities that make it quite different from the rest of the market. Its beautiful design will add beauty to your room.

The minimal design looks stunning to the eyes but at the same time, it is quite useful. It has two big portions underneath the stand which allows you to keep your stuff. You can store your gamers, accessories, or stuff the place with lots and lots of books.

In addition to this build quality of this tv stand is a whole new level. At a very decent price (which may be expensive for some) you will get a good piece of furniture. Every single dimension of this mount and stand reflects enthusiasm and craftsmanship.

Apart from that, the stand possesses the ability to hold TV screens of different sizes and weights. You can place all styles of devices, let it be curved or flat. with that said, you also get the option to adjust the height of the screen to the level you want.

It comes with an extremely easy adjustment and swivel. This makes the device quite interesting to get when it comes to buying the best TV stand with mount.


  • Minimal design
  • Walnut based construction makes it quite durable
  • Suitable for all kinds of setups
  • Affordable
  • Wire organization is pretty good


  • Lacks tilting

Buyer’s Guide Tips

Now that you have seen some of our top recommendations for the best tv stand with mount. Don’t just make a decision as we aren’t done yet. There are a few most important things that you need to keep in mind before buying a tv stand.

Having these points in mind will help you get the right type of product without wasting too much of your precious time. In addition to this, it will also save up your money and narrow down your search space.

With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and see what are the points you need to keep in mind when buying the best TV stand with mount.

1. Your Budget

Before investing your hard-earned money on a tv stand you need to keep your budget in mind. Your budget is something that will decide the quality of the product as well as the type. Now you must be thinking if budget is a factor then there won’t be any good stands available for TVs without breaking the bank.

However, that’s not completely true as there are a lot of quality TV stands available but you need to do a little bit of research for that. We’ve already mentioned the best stands that are currently available on the market.

2. Build Quality

The second thing you need to check is the overall build quality of the stand. Based on quality and construction type of stands can be divided into different types. Some of them are wall mounted which usually comes with sturdy brackets and stuff.

Apart from that some of the TV stands are based on wood. They consist of wooden structures and these are the standalone TV mounts. Lastly, there are glass TV stands which are probably the fanciest ones of all.

Their structure is based on fragile glass but it looks quite impressive wherever they are kept. Now the most important thing you need to keep in mind is their build quality. If it is a wall mount stand then you would want to check its material and see if it stands well against corrosion etc.

Apart from that wood based mounts need to be safe from weather and environmental challenges such as water splashes. Yes, accidents can happen and your stand should be tough enough to withstand them.

3. Compatibility

The last thing you need to check is whether the stand is compatible with your model or not. By compatibility we mean you need to check whether the stand can hold your tv. Is it durable enough to hold the TV firmly or not. Will it be fine if you tilt the tv or swivel in different directions? All these points will help you select the right product for your needs.

We know things can get pretty hard when it comes to selecting the best tv stand with a mount from the crowd. Therefore, we spent some time and did some research on the topic. As a result, we were able to list a few of our top choices that will fulfill your needs.

We hope you will have selected the right type of tv mount for yourself. If you are still struggling with making the right decision then we can give you a little push as well.

If you are not able to decide on one then we highly recommend going for the Ameriwood Home Galaxy TV Stand with Mount. It comes with amazing qualities and is available in quite an affordable price range. Plus it looks quite decent as compared to other options.