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When it comes to setting up the living room, the single most important issue that people have is where to put the TV.

There are so many different options to choose from today, including a wide selection of TV stands, mounting devices, and even shelves that can serve more than one purpose.

TV Stand With Mount GRAN

If you are looking for a great way to store your components and display your television, TV stands with mounts are a great solution.

Instead of having to choose between mounting your television on the wall or having it on a stand, you can mount it on the stand and save the difference.

Why should you use TV stands with the mount if you have a wall? Well, there are some cases where people don’t want to install things on their walls.

In other cases, they might not be able to if they are renting or leasing a place.

Having that mounted look for your television is very popular, but it is not something that everyone has access to with wall mounts.

Therefore, TV stands that have mounted on them will allow everyone to get the mounted look without the hassle or risk of wall installation.

Plus, some of these stands are just more appealing than other options.

TV stands with mounts are quite affordable, considering everything that you get.

Like all TV stands, these will come in different sizes that you will have to choose from based on the size of your TV.

However, if you don’t choose correctly, your mount could not work properly, so you really want to be certain that you measure correctly or choose the right screen size to get the best results.

These stands can allow you to hide cables, keep components close by, and get a more polished look in your living space.

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Wall mount tv stand

As TVs become slimmer more and more people are opting to mount them on walls rather than having them stood on the floor taking up space.

When it comes to purchasing any of the wall mount TV stands now available, there are certain things you need to take into consideration beforehand.

It is important that you make sure that you do choose the right bracket that will allow you to then mount your TV onto a wall.

The quickest way to determine what size mounting bracket you need is to look at the back of the TV to be mounted on it.

As you look at the back of the TV there should be 4 threaded holes which will then be the ones used to attach it to the mounting bracket.

If these appear on the back of your TV now measure the distance between them both horizontally and vertically.

Once you have these measurements you can now look for the mounting bracket for yours to be fitted to.

It is best if you opt for those wall mount TV stands that are slightly larger than the measurements you have taken from your TV.

It is also important that you look at the direction in which the TV connections or ports are facing.

Avoid those mounting brackets that are slim if the connections or ports are facing backward as connecting the cables to your TV after mounting on the bracket will prove very difficult indeed.

In fact, avoid those that fix securely against the wall studs but rather you may wish to opt for the kind of wall mounting that swivels or tilts instead.

Tv wall mount with shelf

With the invention of the technology of flat screen televisions, there is also a demand for television units that are designed to hold every size and kind of television.

A TV wall mount with a shelf is for you especially if space is limited and constricts the size of TV you have room for.

Many of these new innovative television cabinets have motorized shelves in which they can hide the TV until ready to watch.

When it is time to watch the television the customized motorized mounting brackets raise the TV from its hiding place to the position of being viewed.

If space is a real problem, then there is also hardware and shelving available to hang your new flat screen television from a ceiling mounted shelf.

Each style of television cabinet is designed with a full motion motorized unit to allow for the TV wall mount with a shelf to move so it can be viewed from any spot in the room.

With a push of the button on the remote control, the television will appear from its hiding spot and can be turned so you can see it from any angle in the living room or bedroom.

TV Stand With Mount Most Recommended

Tv stand with mount 55 inch

Fit your big screen perfectly with a 55 inch TV stand with mount selection!

Do you need a console to roll on trade shows or retail floors?

Would you like a stand for your living room with a mount that tilts the screen down towards the couch?

Are you looking for a conference room with camera storage for long video calls with business partners?

All this is possible with these 55-inch TV stands with mount! You only need to supply the flat screen!

These stands include a mount designed to hold a 55” TV, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new TV to fit your stand!

Best of all, this Tv stand with mount of 55 inches is always the best option to enhance the beauty of your home.

These stands are absolutely durable and reliable and they are simply the right kind of furniture you want for your extremely expensive TV or home entertainment system.

The fact is, it’s always better to spend your hard-earned money on protecting and properly displaying your new TV.

Moreover, the stalls that are made today are extremely trendy in their looks. You will be amazed to see the wide range in which these tv stand with mount 55 inches are available these days.

Floor tv stand mount

TV floor stands with mount will place the television at eye level for your entertainment room.

With the floor stands, you have TV brackets that will attach the TV to the stand to make sure it will not fall over.

It also gives you a place to store your TV components such as surround sound, DVD players, games consoles, and so on.

Depending on the floor tv stand mount, you may also have room for DVDs and game storage.

The TV brackets used in a TV stand might be limited based on space in the stand. It may be possible to use a flat mount, a cantilever, or motorized support.

A flat mount is stationary, whereas the cantilever mount has arms that can extend the television out of the stand allowing it to swivel and tilt as needed.

A motorized bracket also allows for movement of the television to get the best possible position.

The only downside to these TV stands is the space they take up on the floor. If you desire your floor space you may not want the television stand to be in the way.

Unfortunately, depending on where you live you may not have a choice regarding the floor tv stand mount.

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