Tall TV Stand For 65 Inch TV

You may be wondering what you can do to make your living room look better. There are a lot of ways to go about it, but one simple solution is getting a TV stand that fits properly for your 65 inch TV.

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This blog post will help you find the right TV stand for your needs and provide tips on how to get the best price possible on this essential piece of furniture.

Before you go out and buy a new TV stand, you need to do some planning. A couple of simple questions will help when choosing the right stand for your living room.

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Tips for choosing the right TV stand for 65 inch TV

There are many different styles of TV stands, but most people have similar areas they want to store.

A good place to start is by looking at the major concerns of your needs and wants.

Easily accessible media storage:

Are you constantly having to switch DVDs or video games so visitors can watch what they want? Does everyone have to reach up to change a disc or remove a game? You need media storage that’s easily accessible.

Plenty of room for accessories:

Are there several DVDs, pieces of gaming equipment, remotes, and books strewn across the room right now? A TV stand should have plenty of room for all these things so they’re still accessible but also neatly organized.

Storage space that fits your living room:

You need storage space that’s proportionate to the rest of the room and blends in seamlessly. If you’re looking for a bigger stand, make sure it doesn’t block any windows or cause an awkward look when placed next to something else (a sofa).

Height adjustable shelves:

Shelves that are adjustable are extremely convenient for different types of media, especially DVDs. If you’re planning on storing movies as well as video games, chances are you’ll need a fairly short shelf for DVDs and a higher one for games. Having the flexibility to change these things is important.

Space saving design:

When it comes to space-saving design, there are two main things you need to think about. The first is having a TV stand with sliding doors or drawers, which keeps everything hidden while still accessible when needed.

You also don’t want the stand itself to take up too much space. If it’s too large or bulky for your room, try looking for something that has clean lines, a simple design, and isn’t too high.

Durability and stability:

The TV stand you choose should be stable; however, it doesn’t need to be extremely heavy. Try using castors (wheels) when possible so your entertainment system can easily move around when necessary.

What type of 65 inch entertainment center do you want?

There are many different styles available as well as designs for any type of living room arrangement or decor. For example, some people prefer a classic elegant look while others are looking for something more modern or natural.

In terms of styles, you have many options to choose from:

Antique TV stands:

Some antique-style entertainment centers feature intricate carvings, distressed wood, and ornate handles. These are great if you’re looking for something old world that fits in with traditional décor.

Modern TV stands:

For the minimalist or avid modern art collector, your entertainment center doesn’t need to be anything extravagant. A simple stand with sliding drawers is all you’ll need if most of the focus is on the TV itself.

Contemporary TV stands:

A lot of entertainment centers in this style have streamlined, space-saving designs that are perfect when you’re short on space. They also can come with extra compartments or shelves for storage or decorative items.

Rustic/Country TV stands:

Provides a solid place to store your electronics while also adding a touch of nature. Custom carving or engraving with your initials or favorite quote is one way to make it even more personalized.

Materials for TV stands:

Cabinets are usually the most expensive part of most entertainment centers, so finding something with a beautiful design you love can be worth the extra money spent on exotic, high-quality wood material.

That being said, try not to go overboard with the price if the function is most important to you. Some of the best TV stands are actually made from MDF or particleboard, both of which are durable materials that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Other things to consider when shopping for your new entertainment center:

Electric outlets:

Your TV stand should have at least one electrical outlet on the back of it so you can easily plug in your Xbox, Nintendo, and other electronics.

Wireless remotes:

Are you constantly misplacing the remote control? Is it constantly buried under a pile of things on top of your entertainment center? Many models come with wireless remotes so you can keep track of it more easily whenever it isn’t in use.

Shelving dimensions:

How many shelves or compartments will your TV stand have? Do you need more than just one shelf to accommodate all of your stuff? If not, look for an entertainment center with extra storage areas, drawers, or cabinets.

Price comparisons:

Keeping your budget in mind is always a good idea when shopping for new furniture. Try not to go overboard and spend $2,000 on an entertainment center you can buy online for $500. Even if it’s beautiful and functional, just because something has a popular brand name doesn’t mean it’ll be a good fit for you.

If the 65 inch TV stand you were looking at was a little too expensive, try going to a retailer or manufacturer’s website and finding something similar in your price range.

What are the dimensions of your TV?

The first step when searching for a TV stand is to measure the width, depth, and height of your set. This includes the little bump on top as well.

What’s your intended look?

There are many styles of TV stands, from simple and elegant to flashy and eye-catching. You need to consider what you want from a piece of furniture before deciding which one you should buy.

For example, if you’re looking for a minimalistic look, you should probably stay away from a 60 inch TV console with lots of little drawers and cubby holes.

What else do you want it to do?

If your living room is always crowded, you need to find a way to accommodate many visitors. Consider also what other things might be stored in the TV stand; if there’s no room for books, DVDs, or video game consoles, you may need to get a bigger TV stand.

You also want to measure the inside of your living room. Consider how much space is between other items (sofas, seating areas) and where things are placed currently before deciding on a new piece of furniture.

When it comes to dimensions, you have to go at least five inches bigger on each side than your TV. That may be a bit more space than you want around your big screen, but it creates the illusion of being larger while keeping everything protected.

As far as looks are concerned, there are many styles available that will suit any type of living room or home decor. Some people prefer the classic rich look, whereas others are looking for something more natural or modern.

Whether you’re going for a specific style or simply matching the color of your living room furniture, there’s probably a TV stand that could fit. You can also mix things up by having two different stands that have similar layouts but slightly different looks.


I hope you found this article about tall tv stands to be insightful. Whether or not you’re looking for a new TV stand, it pays to know what features are important and how they can make your life easier.

With so many options available today, there is no excuse not to find the perfect fit for your needs.

If you need help finding one that will work best for your home entertainment system, give us a call. We have experts standing by ready to answer any questions or concerns!