As there is an advancement in the technology of the world, so is their advancement in the design of furniture too.

The furniture world has moved from manufacturing just simple and plain furniture to manufacturing, decorative and attractive furniture.

This modern furniture performs the same function as the previous ones and is even equipped with new features and functions not available in the past. In the case of this article, our focus on modern furniture is the TV stands.

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Since TV stands are mostly found in the living rooms or places doomed to serves as a center of entertainment for the family and visitors, it is considered one of the most important pieces of furniture you can find in a household.

Installing these TV stands in your home will help keep all your entertainment gadgets and components organized at a spot, storing them and at the same time eradicating the appearance of loose wires or cords that are often scattered all over the place.

Due to their modern nature, they are equipped with lots of designs, features and come in different sizes that aim to fit the TV set, equipment, and location in which it is about to be placed.

A TV and its components require to be stored properly and in a lovely manner that will attract the eyes of anyone who gazes upon them.

TV stands come in different forms, the following are the different forms by which the modern TV stands are being designed to stand out from the previous stands.

Keep Your Television Secure With a Modern TV Stand With Mount

The latest design made for TV stands is by attaching a TV mount to them. A TV mount is a device that is used to hang a television set on the wall.

If you are the type that like your TV hanged instead of it being placed on the surface of the stand, a TV with mount is the best option for you.

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VIVO Artistic Easel TV Mount

  • Artistic and Ergonomic
  • Flexible Swiveling
  • Support up to 77 lbs

It usually comes with a brand new TV set or can be bought separately and depends on the size of the TV, a bigger mount is meant for a bigger TV and a smaller amount for a smaller TV.

These TV stands have an already made TV mount attached to them during manufacture and make it easier for installation.

You do not need to bore holes into the walls anymore to mount your TV, with the help of this stand with a mount your TV can be hanged successfully and firmly and other components can be stored and kept in an organized manner.

Get The Maximum Space in Your Home With a Modern Corner TV Stand

We all know what beautiful corner furniture turns out to be when installed correctly. Imagine having a modern TV stand placed at the corner of any room of your choice, how unique and attractive it will be.

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Wood Corner Fireplace TV Stand

  • No electrician required
  • Display and heat can be turned on individually
  • Cords in the back of the TV stand

The stand will appear to curve from one edge of the wall to the other edge covering the space left in the corner.

This will provide space for the TV set to be placed in between the two edges that make up the corner.

This is a unique style of manufacturing TV stands that require thorough measurement and concentration for it to be able to fit in the corner where it is to be placed.

Give Comfort to Your Family With a Modern TV Stand With Fireplace

This is one of the most popular modern TV stands that are being used by people all over the world. It is this popular because it provides both comfort and entertainment to you and your family.

These TV stands are equipped with a fireplace which we all know that they are used to keep the house warm and cozy.

They are so unique because they perform two functions at the same time which is very rare, they serve as a storage room for your TV set and its components and they also help to keep the temperature of the room at a certain level that offers comfort to the people in it.

This new and great innovation has made a lot of people request this furniture for their living room, especially during the winter season of the year.

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Electric Fireplace Modern TV Stand

  • Wide electric fireplace insert
  • LED light kit included
  • Included with remote control

White And Black Modern TV Stand

When it comes to household furniture, color is a very important factor that needs to be considered.

When considering the center of attraction furniture in your living room which is the TV stand, their colors should be well selected and ensured that they fit the décor of the living room.

There are two colors that can match any décor and fit into any setting that has been previously placed, they are white and black.

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  • High gloss fronts
  • 16 color LED lights
  • Easy to install

These two colors are the most commonly used for modern TV stands, these recent stands are known to have a touch of either black or white on them that helps to make them look more attractive and simple in appearance.

Raises The Level of Your Decor With a Modern Mid Century TV Stand

This type of stands is manufactured in an advanced way but at the same time, keeps a low profile in the sense that there are not many designs, colors, raw material, and features. They appear to be plain but yet unique.

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Nathan James TV Stand Media Console

  • Made of engineered wood
  • Multi-storage TV stand
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
Its name is derived from the fact that it is made as mid century furniture, the way some people prefer their furniture but with modern styles applied to it.

The most popular raw material used for making this kind of TV stand is wood which appears simple with no much furnishing or design.

Keep Everything Simple And Organized With a Floating Modern TV Stand

Welcome to the new age, where you can have a TV stand that does not touch the ground but rather just hangs in the balance and is capable of storing your TV set and other entertainment equipment.

This is a very attractive way of installing your TV stand, it is not commonly used by people which is a stand out from the rest.

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Martin Furniture Asymmetrical Floating Wall Mounted TV

  • Comes with Mounting hardware
  • Asymmetrical design
  • Saving valuable floor space

This modern TV stand style is meant for those who like adventure and like doing things outside the box. It is capable of performing the same function as other TV stands.


Spice up the look of your living room with a modern TV stand today and see the turn out of the change you’ve implemented.

It is time to do away with old models and styles of the TV stand and make the entertainment center in our living room simple and attractive.

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