Bring a cozy, home-like feel to your living room with the TV dock with barn doors. This rugged TV stand can hold up to 250 pounds and has ample storage space to keep your movies, books, and video games neat and orderly.

The cable holes on the back keep your cables organized and set apart, while the open shelves are ideal for displaying media or collectibles.

The charming Tv stand with barn door creates a striking balance between the design of a country house and the French country style.

barn door tv stand 1

The ample storage space is behind the centered barn doors and two-wire mesh doors. Electronic amenities include adjustable shelving and holes for wire management.

They are beautiful and made of high-quality wood. They come in different styles, sizes, and designs so that people with different tastes can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Tv stands with barn doors offer advantages that some other Tv stand can not. In general, they are preferred by more consumers because of the elegance and luxury they can provide to living rooms.

They exude that creative vibe which makes them the ideal decorative furniture for houses. Since they are made of wood, they give a more natural, organic, and homelike feel to their homes.

They also have that old-fashioned thing. They can make the interiors of your home unique and admirable. People who like the classic look should get one.

Find The Perfect Rustic TV Stand With Barn Doors to Complete Your Decoration

If you are a nature lover and are being the unfortunates one to go work in the city, getting rusting furniture will not be a bad idea.

At least it beautifies your furniture with a sense of nature. There is various type of rustic tv stand with barn doors available in the market, especially now when the demand is excessively high.

There are three types of rustic that you can choose, either purely hand made, or that theme to be simple or those who catch the trendy footsteps, the contemporary ones.

Each one of the stands has its own style and design, choose solely based on your own decision.

Add rustic style to your home with this rustic TV stand with barn doors. Able to accommodate TVs up to 70″ and 105 lbs.

This stand has doors that are hung from a metal rail and slide so that they easily get to the two adjustable open middle shelves.

Each side cabinet also features one adjustable shelf. The integrated Cable Management System hides and manages wires for a clean look.

And the colored surface with metal fittings creates a look that matches this multifunctional stand, which can also be used in the bedroom, dining room, or hallway for display and storage.

Give a Touch of Originality to Your Living Room With a TV Stand Sliding Barn Doors

The TV stand with sliding barn doors has a lot of charm with the storage behind the doors. All of the wood shelves are adjustable and there are holes in the back for cords.

This TV stand with sliding barn doors will give your living room a charming country feel, while also providing plenty of storage space for your electronics and décor.

Featuring two cabinet fronts with barn style sliding doors for a versatile design where you can close the center or both sides, according to your needs.

Adjustable shelving and cable management simplify the task of keeping your electronic devices in one place.

This multimedia console is built of high-grade MDF. The modern farm style of this entertainment center will become a piece in your living room that you will admire. Supports TVs up to 60 inches and 250 lbs.

  •         High-grade MDF and laminated construction
  •         Exposed metallic hardware.
  •         Accommodates up to 65 inches of most flatscreen Tv
  •         2 sliding barn doors
  •         Rustic oak, gray wash or white oak options
  •         Open and closed adjustable shelves.
  •         Pre-drilled cable management openings in the rear panel
  •         Weighs 87 pounds

Complements Your Home Decor With a Black Barn Door TV Stand

Black barn door tv stand is a beautiful casual farmhouse styled TV Stand with a hint of a rustic touch.

For owners who prefer simple yet tasteful homes, there are actually black barn door TV stands that are just to die for.

Black Barn Door TV Stand 1

You can just imagine how stylish your home will look with a TV stand with barn doors in black showing off your modern home entertainment system.

No other TV stands will provide you with such understated elegance than Black barn door tv stand.

When you buy one of these TV stands, you must try the selection offered through the Internet. You will have an easy time browsing through many TV stands and you can narrow your search based on your preferences and budget.

The TV stand is finished in an Antique Black finish and constructed of solid Pine with rough-hewn saw marks. It has Two unique “Barn Doors” roll along on iron forged-style band exposing open shelves.

It has a total of four (4) removable and adjustable shelves that provide versatile storage options for audio, video, game components, and other items. Also, Vertical cable management cutouts are conveniently provided for optimal airflow for all components.

Take Your Decoration to Another Level With a Whitewashed TV Stand With Barn Doors

Whitewashed is always outstanding and it will never go wrong. How often do you hear people saying white is old fashioned? Whitewashed is always trendy. It gives the modern look, and not to forget, it catches people’s eye easily.

Therefore, when you are scratching your head out to get a suitable TV stand, a whitewashed tv stand with barn doors should come to your mind.

The support for whitewashed TVs with barn doors creates a surprising balance between the design and the French country style.

The ample storage space is behind the centered barn sliding doors and two wire mesh doors. Electronic amenities include adjustable shelves and holes for cable management.

A worn white finish adds to the rustic appeal with black metal hardware in contrast and drawer pulls to complete the look.

It is constructed of pine solids and veneers with wire mesh panels and hardware for sliding barn doors. In addition, it is very easy to care for: clean with a damp and clean cloth, then polish immediately with a dry soft cloth.

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